Little Mistakes That Cost You Hundreds

Are you aware of the little mistake that costs most families hundreds of dollars a year more on groc

Are you aware of the little mistake that costs most families hundreds of dollars a year more on groceries?

The average grocery shopper buys prepackaged meat in sizes that are either too big or too small. Then, the leftover, unused portions are either cooked or left to spoil. One pork chop here, a 1/2 pound of burger there, four strips of bacon back in the back there, and on it goes.

At Lakeview Supermarket we specialize in giving all of our clients the exact size, quantity, and weight that they need, everytime!

You need 5 pork chops, you get 5, you don’t have to buy a big package of 8 or 12. You want 3/4’s of a pound of pork sausage, bacon or ground beef, that is what you buy! No more, no less. You waste less money on spoiled food or leftovers that perhaps nobody will eat.

Our USDA Choice and Prime Beef is another money saving opportunity. We offer only tender, delicious beef that everyone loves, and will eat. No more leftovers because you family will eat all their meals, since the meat taste so good and is so tender.

The best way to save money is to get your meat packaged just right in a Lakeview Market Meat Pack. Buy only the items you want, packaged in freezer paper in the sizes and quantities you want. All of our 13 different meat packs are custom made to your specifications.

In addition to the great savings of our meat packs you can add a booster pack and save even more!

Best of all you are getting the highest and best grade of Beef in Northern California, served to you by Meat professionals who will guide you through the entire purchasing process, helping you pick the right cuts, giving you cooking instructions, serving suggestions and even recipes.

I look forward to being your personalized meat consultant and trusted advisor. Call right now and we’ll talk about your meat needs. I look forward to meeting you.

Kenny Parlet, Lakeview Supermarket – Meat Consultant

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