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What Makes Lakeview Supermarket & Deli So Special?

Actually Lakeview Supermarket and Deli is more like a meat store that sells groceries. Lakeview does 4-times the national average in meat sales percentage and does more than triple the sales per square foot of an average supermarket. Lakeview pioneered the meat pack idea and has now perfected the concept with 14 varieties in 10 different sizes, including 3 luxury packs.

The quality of Lakeview’s beef is quite simply the best available. Lakeview carries Stockyard’s Angus Beef, served in 8 of 10 of America’s Best steakhouses. Stockyards is rarely found in retail stores and is normally only found in great casinos and fine restaurants. Along with Stockyards we also carry Swift 1855 Brand Black Angus Beef, Creekstone Farms Angus Beef. This beef is the best that Swift and Creekstone have to offer and like Stockyards is hand-selected and aged before it is ever sent out.

Once the quality beef arrives, Lakeview’s meat cutting staff confirms the top quality grade, and trims every cut to meet the needs of the customer. Knowing that every bit of trim makes up Lakeview’s ground chuck, there is no hesitation to cut off excess fat or gristle.

Anyone who has visited our meat market will immediately notice the abundant marbling, the pristine color and thickness of our premium steaks. Our customers come from hundreds of miles to pick up the best USDA Choice and Prime steaks, tri-tips, roasts and gourmet meat packs. Few fine stores anywhere can offer the quality that you get everyday at Lakeview, and certainly cannot match the price and service from our family owned business. Our passion for what we do is unequaled in the industry!

Unlike any other store Lakeview’s ground beef is ground only from the freshest chunks and trimmings of beef and is mostly chuck. In this way one never need be concerned with e-coli coming from previously ground meats from packing houses. Lakeview’s ground chuck is the safest in the industry, having never had a single recall in over 49 years. And, since we grind every batch from well-marbled chuck, our burger has the perfect balance for flavor and leanness to make every burger entrée better.

When it comes to chicken, we only use Golden Plump all natural chickens. We cut up and wrap about 500 chickens every month guaranteeing that every bird is fastidiously fresh when we sell it or put it in a meat pack. Our Old Fashioned Franks, we believe are the best in the business, having half the fat and twice the protein of most packaged dogs, since they are made with more lean pork and beef. Great hot or cold, these 8″ dogs come 6 per pound and have the perfect smoked flavor that your family will love. Even people who thought they didn’t like dogs found these to be delicious.

When it comes to great bacon, Lakeview has what you want. Our bacon is consistently lean, sliced to just the right thickness and is hardwood smoked to perfection. Our bacon comes in two thicknesses 10-12 slice or 14-16 slices per pound.

Lakeview uses only Seaboard’s Prairie Fresh all natural pork. We cut the pork thicker, since we want you to enjoy the juicy tenderness of a perfectly cooked chop. Because we sell so much pork sausage in 3 different flavors, we need all of the pork trimmings we can get. So what this means to you, is that any pork chop, pork steak or roast that is not perfect goes into the grind and not in our counter or into a meat pack, insuring that you get your money’s worth and never pay for extra fat or marginal end-cut or miss-cut chops and steaks.

And lastly, since Lakeview sells so many meat packs and so much meat every week, you are always going to get the freshest, and the highest and best quality USDA Choice and Prime beef, fabulous pork, chicken and specialty items.

And remember this, unlike most stores you are not just a customer, you are a client; that is someone who is under the care, guidance and supervision of a trusted professional. Every time we sell you a meat pack or any cut we look you in the eye and realize that your complete satisfaction is what matters most.

Kenny Parlet

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