Lakeview Supermarket & Deli

Progressive Grocer’s Outstanding Independent Meat Retailer of 2018








To offer our clients the highest and best quality Chicken, Pork and Beef along with the ultimate in personalized service while still offering the best possible value!

Lake County’s Finest USDA Choice & Prime Meats

  • Lake County’s premier provider of superior meats
  • Finest USDA Choice & Prime Beef
  • Ultimate in personalized client services:
    • Customized packaging
    • Custom cuts
    • Purchase counseling
    • Individual menu planning

“Our superior Quality in every category insures that you will have delicious, savory and tender results with dependable regularity. We believe that consistently delivering the highest and best quality of products and services is the only way to provide real value.”

Kenny Parlet
Owner, Lakeview Supermarket & Deli

Progressive Grocer Award

Outstanding Independent Meat Retailer for 2018

15 stores from 11 states were recognized in 8 categories.  Lakeview Supermarket was recognized as one of two winners in the meat category by Progressive Grocer’s magazine, which has been around since 1922.

catering photo

The same highest and best quality of service & superior meats also exemplify Lindy’s Quality Catering. Certified Premium USDA Choice & Prime Beef grilled over our custom-built barbecue grill is our specialty. Our 40 years of catering experience and 50 years of cutting and purchasing the highest and best quality of meats, our meticulous attention to detail, and our consummate professionalism set us apart from all others.

The Lakeview Market Monthly meat experience is a program designed to deliver for free, the highest and best quality USDA Choice & Prime meats to Lake County Residents. Please note we cannot take EBT payments for meat deliveries.

The program encourages residents to sign up for free home delivery. We simply call you each month, and you order only the meat pack or meats you need. There is never any obligation to purchase. We deliver at least once a month to Clearlake, Kelseyville, and the Rivieras.

If you live in Lakeport, Nice or Lucerne you can get “Free Home Delivery of Meat” every single week…


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