Where are you getting your protein? Without meat, you may never get your 65-75 grams daily of protein to maintain good health!

Sure, meat prices have gone up; but prices on junk food have gone up much more! Without meat, you need a dozen eggs, two pounds of spaghetti, a couple boxes of hot pockets, and believe it or not, 3 large, Hungry Man TV dinners.

However, since meat of almost any kind is a rich, concentrated source of protein you will need only 8-9 ounces to get your daily needs. So, while a bag of chips or pile of cookies might taste great, they supply little if any protein and cost $12 or more per pound. While beef starts at about half of that, and pork and chicken are much lower, Meat is still your best buy for complete nutrition.

Frozen dinners seem to be a good deal but as mentioned they only have a fraction of the daily needs for the protein that helps maintain your body’s needs. These dinners are full of carbs, extra salt with very little meat. Read the label and see how close that big dinner comes to getting you your 65-75 grams of much needed protein!

Many people think that they can eat beans, rice and noodles to get total nutrition. Sure hope you like beans, you will need to eat 3 whole cans, and rice and noodles are virtually devoid of any protein. Check it out, read the labels! See just how much you need to eat to reach that 65 grams of protein, for a woman and 75 for a man. You will be shocked; and you will get a ton of calories adding inches to your waistline.

Dollar for dollar meat is by far your best buy even at these slightly higher prices. Stop sacrificing your health for convenience and get cooking. At last count over 1,300,000 Americans are dying due to obesity related illness brought about by over consumption of fast food, frozen food and especially junk food. Invest in your family’s health and put more meat back on the table. Beef costs roughly the same price per pound as potato chips and pork and chicken costs half that much. Remember candy bars cost $16 lb and that is the same price as T-bone steaks. Isn’t it time to wise up and put meat back on the table?

With meat packs you can really save. With 14 packs in 10 different sizes you can find one that meets, exactly your family’s needs. Lastly, you’ll know you’re getting the best since once again, Lakeview was named the “Best Place to Buy Meat in Lake and Mendocino Counties”!!

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