Meat Department FAQ’s

What is as Meat Pack anyway?
A meat pack is better alternative to a side of beef, since it comes with beef, pork, chicken, breakfast and specialty items.

What about the quality?
At Lakeview we sell only the highest & best certified premium USDA Choice & Prime beef, which is in the top 25% of all beef sold.

What are the sizes of the meat packs?
There are 14 different meat packs that come in 8 different sizes, ranging from $55 to $349.95.

What’s the difference in the meat packs?
The meat packs come in 14 sizes to meet the needs of different size families and budgets. There are also 3 “luxury” packs that contain mostly the expensive premium steaks and specialty items. The Cadillac ($349.95) and Lexus ($229.95) luxury packs and our $129.95 Premium Steak Starter offer good value, but at a much higher price per pound.

Do you really save money buying a meat pack?
You absolutely save money on meat packs. Every meat pack of every size has a built-in savings of at least 10 -20 percent over regular prices.

Do I have to buy everything in the pack or can I substitute items out that I don’t want?
All of our meat packs except for our $55 sampler can be altered or supplemented to meet your needs. You can substitute out any items you don’t like or need for equal dollar value!

How long does it take to get a meat pack?
You can usually get your pack the same day if you call us in the morning. Generally order in A.M. and pick up your pack in the P.M. If you just drop in, you might have to come back later in the day, since all packs are custom prepared to order!

How fresh is the meat in the packs?
Since we sell over $50,000 each month in meat packs, you can bet that every item is freshly cut, and hand selected by our meat consultants.

What if I am not satisfied with an item?
Everything at Lakeview Supermarket is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee or receive a free replacement or a complete refund instantly!

Are some items in the packs already frozen? 
We prefer to have a back-up supply of some items like ground chuck, cut-up chickens, and tenderized round steak so we can reduce any leakage, and to speed up our service. Also, these frozen items help you get your meat pack home safely by keeping the whole box much colder!

What about long-term storage and “freezer-burn”?
After 40 years of building meat packs we have “never” had an issue with items being freezer burnt. All of our meat is wrapped in plastic laminated, white freezer paper.

How do I know which items I should order?
Every time you order we go over the meat pack with you, asking questions about your individual preferences. Do you prefer roasts or steaks, do you like lean, or well marbled meat, do you want 1lb packs and so forth.

What about fish and seafood items?
Only our Cadillac has seafood in it, however; any item can be substituted for equal value of fish or seafood.

What kind of fish do you carry?
We carry a wide variety of prawns, scallops, calamari and about ten different types of fish all fresh frozen to insure consistently high quality! We typically carry Alaskan True Cod, Red Snapper, Tilapia, Salmon, Ahi Tuna, Mahi Mahi.

What if I don’t know what to do with a certain cut or meat item?
We will be happy to give you cooking instructions and even special recipes to help you get great results with every item in your meat pack.

What do you do for “New Customers?”
All 1st time meat pack buyers get a 10% bonus in their meat pack. Buy a $99.95 and you will get $10 of meat free! Buy a $249.92 and get $25 extra free meat!

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