Meat Pack Basics

Introductory information for our meat packs

First of all most, if not all of your meats have been wrapped in white freezer paper. This paper is plastic lined and will keep your meat items in perfect condition for up to nine months. After nine months the meat is still safe, but will begin to taste a bit stale. So every month take care to rotate your other meats to the front of your freezer and put the new meat pack items to the back or under the meats from before. It is a good idea sometimes to date your packages to keep good rotation, so that your meats will always taste savory and delicious.

As you may know, Lakeview’s Stockyard Black Angus Beef is flavored aged for increased tenderness and enhanced flavor. Because of this, occasionally you will notice a bit of discoloration or darker color in the meats or around the edges. This is a normal process of quality enhancement used by great restaurants around the world. And since our ground beef is made from this same flavor-aged beef, sometimes you will notice darker portions throughout the ground beef. This too is normal.

We always recommend that any poultry that you get be thoroughly rinsed under cool running water before use, since processing sometimes leaves behind some strange or unpleasant odors. All of your beef and pork is ready to be seasoned and cooked right out of the package.

Thawing frozen meats is critical to the flavor and safety of your meals. Never thaw frozen meats on the kitchen counter, but rather thaw overnight in the refrigerator, or under cool running water. Using the microwave to thaw is also acceptable but can really compromise the quality if you are not careful. Note: Sometimes during the thawing process slight odors will be created in the package as the meat warms, this too is normal and will dissipate in a few moments.
Since only fresh meats went into your meat pack, you can actually thaw out more than one meal at a time. Once thawed most of your cuts can be kept for a number of days before cooking.

When you begin the cooking process, it is always best to season your meats before cooking, and this can be done just before grilling or even the day before.

Should you ever have any questions about your meat pack items, or need any ideas, recipes, or cooking tips, just give us a call at 274-5573 or email me personally at

We want every meal to be the best it can be!
Kenny Parlet- Lakeview Supermarket & Deli

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