Economic Crisis Coming? Maybe, Maybe not, but you might want to stock up on Quality Meat now! Here’s Why!

Many people on the inside have noticed that food plants have been destroyed in record numbers, fertilizer is in short supply, water is scarce and the dollar may be in serious trouble. Grain and feed for livestock is in very short supply and ranchers are having a tough time getting credit in many cases.

The problem with all these issues is that livestock may not have the feed they need to reach production goals. It is the opinion of many that herds of pigs and beef, as well as other livestock may not be able to get the grains to feed out the large herds for much longer and that many ranchers will liquidate their livestock soon. After that brief period, prices may soar in a time of record inflation making real meat almost a luxury item for most.

For the first time in my life I have actually stored non-perishable foods with the expectation that all is not well locally,nationally and globally. While we may see some short term price drops in some segments of the meat industry due to liquidation, that will surely be followed by insane, new and perhaps shocking increases.

At Lakeview Supermarket and Deli due to fluctuations up in one category and down in others, meat packs have remained stable. If you ever have considered stocking up on meat, this might be the best time in history. This is not just for value but maybe even for survival.

The observation I have made recently is that many people are now buying, lower priced, low protein value processed foods that are loaded with carbohydrates and little if any protein and fat. The needs of the human body are clear. We need large amounts of fat and protein with literally no need for empty carbohydrates, that are so cheap and abundant. People now, due to inflation and economic conditions, are trading quality meats, eggs and dairy for junk food in record numbers and sacrificing their health and the health of their children. This is a mistake that will have long lasting consequences.

Consider this, a 9 ounce serving of meat gives you more protein than pounds of rice, burritos, hot pockets, pizzas and pasta. As a responsible parent and grown-up buying junk food just isn’t healthy, and pound for pound carbohydrates are a real lousy deal for your nutritional dollar. Basically, meat is still a bargain. At this point, late 2022, every single Frito Lay Chip product is over $8.00 per pound and some cost more per pound than T-Bone Steak at over $15 per pound. That’s right, when figured by the pound most crackers, cookies, cakes and candy are double the price of meat per pound! Check it out! A bag of chips is $4.59 and weighs 8 oz of so. That is over $9 per pound. Pork Butts, chops, bacon, steaks are half that. You buy a candy bar and you are paying as much as a Porterhouse steak per pound. Oreos cost most per pound than our great ground chuck.

Bottom line, we as a world and a country are in a serious mess. Get smarter, prepare yourself, and feed your family better.

Fill your freezer now with the best sources of protein at Lakeview Supermarket and Deli, and get the same prices as one year ago. Prices are going to change, and not for the better. You will never regret having a freezer full of great meat, but you might be sorry when you can no longer afford to buy it, or even find it! Never before have we seen such a horrific financial and economic turn around in such a short time. Do you think it is going to get better any time soon? You might want to prepare now, just in case! Kenny

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