As Money Gets tight, People are abandoning Protein for Junk Food, and Paying Double for it!

With high gas prices and inflation raging, it appears that people suddenly think meat is too expensive. What’s interesting is that the average person is clueless about the value of protein in their diet and the price of junk food. Here’s an interesting fact: Every single bag of Frito Lay Potato Chips, or other snacks they sell average over $10 per pound. The new “Layers” Chips are actually $16 per pound, with Doritos coming in at about $12 per pound!

The average person never stops to equate the ounces and price of a candy bar, fruit pie, TV Dinner or a bag of Chips. Candy bars average about $16-$18 per pound. Snacks like Little Debbies, or Hostess are about the same.

Consider this, Pork Chops, Pork Steaks, Pork Roasts, Boneless Chicken Breast, Chickens and our sausage are all less than half the price of chips at $3.99 or less. How much of a fool do you have to be to opt for pure junk food at $8-$16 over dense protein rich foods like pork or chicken at less than a fraction of the price. Consider this as well, Hungry Man TV Dinners in the $5 to $7 range have only a third of the daily protein of a single $4 pork steak or a $2 chicken breast.

The fact is most people are just to lazy to cook real meat! People would rather stand in front of the microwave and heat up prepared dinners, frozen pizzas and junk that has a fraction of the protein and healthy fats that your body needs. What’s worse is that are paying way too much for this frozen or prepared junk!

You would have to eat an entire large frozen pizza yourself, or 3 hungry man TV Dinners, 5 regular TV dinners or at least 6 hot pockets, or… 8 frozen burritos to get the protein contained in a small beef or pork steak. Stop eating like an 8-year old and wise up. Read the labels and you will find that you are getting tons of carbohydrates and little protein and healthy fat in prepared dinners. And… you are paying way too much per pound for the garbage you are cooking in the microwave.

Meat in all categories is cheaper than it has been in over a year and a half.

Stop being a child and realize every time you grab a large bag of chips you could get a full pound of pork chops, steaks, chicken breast, sausage or pork spare ribs.

Lastly, consider this, a man needs about 75 grams of protein and a woman needs slightly less. You would need 15 stalks of broccoli, 125 mushrooms, 2lbs of rice or 2lbs of pasta to get that amount. Meat, including lunch meat, and cheese contains that much in a single decent serving that is way, way cheaper. Without protein your body consumes your lean muscle and turns you to fat, while making you sick! It’s time to wise up and grow up! Your family deserves better! Kenny

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