12 Reasons To Buy

  1. Our Packs are Customized to your family. Buy only what you want. You choose your cuts of chicken, pork, and USDA Choice Beef.
  2. Perfectly Packaged… Wrapped just right for you and your family. Package sizes are not too big, and not too small. This reduces waste and unwanted leftovers, which saves you money.
  3. Highest Quality Beef. Lakeview Market is the only store in Lake and Mendocino Counties that carries superior Chairman’s Reserve Certified Premium USDA Choice Beef. Fancy names and claims are everywhere, but only Lakeview Market has the very best beef!
  4. Convenience of phone ordering. You can order your meat pack from your home, office, or anywhere there’s a phone. Our meat experts will guide you through the process, and your order will be ready when you arrive.
  5. Same day service. Call us in the Meat Department. We will go over the order with you, item by item. Then come over and pick it up, later the same day. We’re that quick!
  6. Purchase Counseling. When we take your order we will direct you to the right cuts for best results for your family’s meals and recipes.
  7. Wide Variety of Sizes and Prices. Lakeview offers 14 different meat packs, in 10 different price ranges from $55 to $349.95
  8. Selection and Variety of meats. Each of our nine different meat packs has a wide variety of Chicken, pork and USDA Choice Beef, along with options for smoked bacon, country sausage, and old fashion franks.
  9. Great Value. Although Lakeview meat is already the best value offering the most consistent flavor, and tenderness every time and priced right; our meat packs offer an additional 10% or more savings.
  10. 100% Guaranteed – no risk. If ever anything in our meat Department, or any department, does not meet your expectations, we will happily refund your money or give you a suitable replacement. Your total satisfaction is one of our primary goals.
  11. Longstanding Reputation for the “BEST BEEF”. Ask your friends and family who know about meat, they will tell you again and again; Lakeview Market has had the very best USDA Choice meats and has for over 49 years.
  12. Customer Appreciation Program- “Choose Choice Card” Our regular customers have been saving an additional 8% on all of their meat purchase for the last two years. Every time you buy meat or sliced Deli items, or our great fresh frozen fish or specialties, we punch your “Choose Choice Card” When your meat card is full you immediately receive $40 worth of free meat. It’s that simple.

Now you have a dozen reasons to order a Meat pack from Lakeview Market. Here’s one more reason…

You and Your family deserve the best!

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