Customer Referral Program

Introduce a brand new customer* to Lakeview Market’s money saving Meat Deals and get $50 worth of Punches on your “Choose Choice Meat Card.” The more people you bring to Lakeview’s Meat Department, the more you benefit. For each of the first three new clients you bring or send in, you get $50 worth of punches! (and for a limited time, a free knife!) After referring 3 New Meat customers, every new customer you send in, will get you $100 worth of punches.

Do your Friends and Family a favor by helping them to Rediscover what a “Full Service” USDA Choice Meat Department is all about.

…and will Get them a 10% bonus on their first meat Pack from $44.95 to $299.95 (That will save them at least $4.50 to as much as $29.95)

The more you share the Lakeview Meat “Experience” with others, the more money you will save on your USDA Choice Meats!!

Note* Lakeview’s Meat Department does not have customers, like other stores. We have “clients”. As a “Client” you are under the care and supervision of a trusted advisor. We don’t just wait on you, we advise you, counsel you and help you with cooking instructions, recipes & serving suggestions.

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