Labor Shortages Nationwide drive Meat Prices to new Highs! Some Meat Packs take a Modest rise with these increases…

Throughout America vendors and businesses are begging for employees to come to work, but with unemployment benefits paying better than working, cost of many goods are skyrocketing. With few truckers, packers, production workers, salespeople and clerks, production has slowed way down and many goods are in short supply. With low inventories prices naturally go up. In some categories like building materials and particularly meat, some increases are really scary.

Rib-eyes, Rib steaks, New Yorks, Tri-tips, and Top Sirloins have all hit all-time highs. Boneless Chicken Breast has gone up 120% in just over two months. With these price increases, Lakeview’s meat packs had to go up.

The good news is that you still save from $50 to $70 over meat-counter prices.

Until the masses of unemployed get back to work, we will see prices continue to rise, and may not go back down anytime soon. Employers across the nation are literally bribing people to bring in help, but unemployment benefits are too lucrative to give up. Jobs are everywhere, but few pay the $20-$22 that you can earn staying at home. Wow!

We are extremely sorry for this unfortunate situation, and will give you the same great meats, and excellent customer service that only Lakeview can provide!

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