Hey New York Strip Fans, USDA Prime Tri-Tip Steaks might just be better!

In over fifty years in the meat business I have seen a lot of changes. The most recent development I have seen is involving Tri-Tip roasts and steaks. For many years there was no such thing as a Tri-Tip. The traditional way of breaking beef literally destroyed what is now the Tri-Tip roast, by cutting it in half and leaving a couple of estranged chunks of random cuts. Once discovered, the Tri-Tip took over the West when they became crazy popular when Santa Maria Tri-Tips hit the scene. The Tri-Tip became almost as famous as Texas BBQ and their briskets.

At this point Tri-Tips are just barely crossing the Rocky Mountains to the east. Most of the US has yet to experience a Tri-Tip, and what is sad, they may start out badly with a low grade choice or select one.

When you get a USDA Prime Tri-Tip either cooked whole, low and slow or cut into steaks you may find it will be your absolute favorite steak for value, tenderness, flavor, richness and it is very forgiving.

No one can argue that a well marbled New York Strip Steak cooked to perfection is a treat. Unfortunately New York steaks are not always well marbled as in Select and low Choice grades, and often over cooked. A low grade, over cooked New York is not much better than a top round steak, which in my opinion, is not fit for human consumption as a dinner steak.

On the contrary a USDA Prime Tri-Tip steak is my everyday go-to steak! Right now, for the first time in my 52 years in the meat business, Tri-Tips are available at Lakeview Supermarket in the USDA Prime grade and have the fat cap still on them!! This is something new. Up until now all USDA Tri-Tips that I have seen were peeled, removing the fat and leaving the Tri-Tip and Tri-Tip steaks without the benefit of the explosion of flavor from that nutritious, delicious and savory fat.

I will say a New York steak can be great, but if overcooked, they can be very forgettable and disappointing. USDA Tri-Tip steaks are about $5 per pound cheaper and very forgiving. They can be cooked rare, medium and even over-cooked and still be tender and utterly delicious. Frankly, I don’t believe in overcooking anything, including poultry, pork and especially my steaks and roasts. I often say that the health department does care how dry and nasty your poultry, pork and beef is, so long as it is safe. I like my beef at 125-130 degrees, my pork, never over 140, but likely at 135, and my chicken only to 150. Your chicken and turkey will be so much more juicy if you pull it at 150 degrees. (By the way, at 148 degrees, 99.997% of all harmful bacteria is dead!) … Way safer than any vaccine or flu.

So New York lovers, try out a USDA Prime Tri-Tip Roasts or steaks, save a bundle, and enjoy the latest, greatest surprise in the meat industry! You might just be blown away! At Lakeview Supermarket and Deli, we have a catering Division known as Lindy’s Quality Catering, where we serve these awesome steaks. Our clients just can’t believe how great they are! Come by and buy a Tri-Tip and have one or more cut up into steaks. You might never buy a New York again! Kenny

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