Meat Prices Skyrocket to unbelievable highs! But, Lakeview still offers all 14 money-saving meat packs.

We’re Fully Stocked as always!

Don’t be surprised when you visit your local meat market, and be prepared for sticker shock. Never in history have meat prices gone so high, and so fast. With labor shortages, beef shortages, high fuel costs and a lack of truck drivers meat prices have gone wild! You might need to tap into your some of your stimulus money to buy your next meat pack at these crazy prices. The good news is that we are fully stocked with everything you need, but all meat packs went up as much as 20% to 30% higher. You still save money like always, and you still get the highest and best quality meats, and… you still get the Lakeview meat card bonus on every meat, fish and specialty item you buy.

So be prepared to be shocked when you select your meat pack. Hopefully things will get better, but it doesn’t look good for the short term. These ridiculous prices will be around for quite a while.

Kenny Parlet

Lakeview Supermarket and Deli

2018 Outstanding Independent Meat Retailer in the Nation!!

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