Have you tried Lakeview’s Best steaks & Roasts?

An intro to our steaks and roasts…

Our Stockyard’s Rib-Eye & Rib Steaks are served in 8 of 10 of America’s top Steak Houses. Richly marbled, unbelievably delicious and tender! A bit pricy but worth every penny!


When you & your family deserve a fabulous steak dinner, Enjoy an incredible evening together, at home, with a Rib-Eye or Rib Steak!


Why Pay a fortune for a Standing Rib Dinner in a Restaurant, when you can have the Best Prime Rib at home? We cut your roast to size, remove the ribs, season your roast, tie the ribs back on and even give you complete cooking instructions!

prime rib

Tried a Porterhouse or T-Bone Steak
Lately? Consisting of both the Fillet & New York, with the extra flavor of the bone, you will love this timeless favorite. Available in huge 24-32oz “crowd-pleasers” and our typical 16-20oz sizes! Share one with your sweetheart or enjoy the whole feast yourself! Perfect for special occasions!


Tri-tip Roasts and Steaks, known as Culottes are a West Coast Favorite.


Great for family get-togethers! Economical, yet totally awesome! Never cooked one? We’ll teach you how.
There’s still more awesome choices, come in and see!

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