Fresh Fish!

Why Frozen Just Might be Better!

There can be no doubt that if you enjoy the taste of fresh fish, then you already know that “fresher is better”. What you might not know is that sometimes fresh frozen can be even better than some “so called” fresh fish.

So how can that be? Well, in the commercial fishing world, not all fishermen go out in the morning and come back in the evening with their fresh catch. In fact, most commercial fishing operations often go out for days at a time. The first day’s catch is dumped in the “hold” then those fish are covered by the second, and then the third days’ catch until the boat heads back to port. Now after processing, the “fresh” fish is shipped to a supplier hours away and put into inventory. The stores in the area order the “fresh” fish and it is shipped out the next day or even days later.

So in this scenario, the fish that were caught on the first day will already be at least 3-5 days old before the store even gets it. It is no small wonder that “fresh” fish already has a strong smell even on the day it is received in the stores.

Nowadays, some commercial fishermen are doing their best to make your fish even fresher than fresh! How can that be? Well, here is how it works. The new improved fishing boats, or trawlers are set up as both a fishing boat and a commercial processing and freezing operation all in one.

The fish are caught, cleaned, processed and immediately frozen while still only hours or even minutes out of the nets. The Fresh frozen packaged product is stored in the deep freeze until the ship docks and the pristine Fresh frozen fish is delivered all over the country for your dining pleasure.

At Lakeview Supermarket & Deli we have a very large variety of “Fresh Frozen: fish that will rival even the freshest catch. If you have not yet tried our Alaskan True Cod, Red Snapper, Mahi Mahi, or Ahi Tuna then you might not know just how awesome “Fresh Frozen” fish can taste.

You might be surprised to find that we regularly carry many, if not all of the following:
Lobster Tails, Halibut, Red Snapper, Alaskan Cod, Tilapia, Mahi Mahi, Pollock, Catfish, Ahi Tuna & Salmon.
 We carry about 6 sizes of shrimp, mostly all peeled and de-veined, and ready for use. We carry a very tasty and larger size 250-350 size salad shrimp that is cooked & ready to throw on your favorite salad. Our scallops are very large 20-30 size, & our Calamari Steaks are usually about 6-10 ounces.

So put “Fresher than Fresh” frozen fish on your dinner plate and get all the health benefits and great flavor as if you caught the fish yourself!

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