What you don’t know about protein sources can make you unhealthy and cost you money! You need to see this before it’s too late!

Protein is the most vital nutrient in our bodies and we must eat complete sources everyday to maintain our health, strength and vitality. Without a minimum amount everyday, our bodies break down our muscles to fill our daily needs, making us flabby and weaker everyday! In this vivid demonstration Kenny Parlet in this episode of “Food, Myths, Meats and Mysteries” shows how packaged food choices fall short of our protein needs and make us fat by loading us up with tons of extra carbs and calories. You will be shocked at how little protein is in convenient package foods you eat everyday. The good news is that seemingly small amounts of meats, fish and other nutrient dense foods can easily fill your daily protein needs at a fraction of the cost! After viewing this episode you will never look at a “TV” dinner, hot pocket or bowl of rice the same! And, you should gain a great deal more respect for meat

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