Lakeview Supermarket & Deli has Been Green for Decades!

We’ve always been green!

While the rest of the world is finally discovering recycling and energy conservation, Lakeview Supermarket and Deli wants you to know that we have been going green for over three decades.

Since the late 70’s Lakeview Supermarket and Deli has been recycling all of their cardboard. Early on, stores actually got money back for cardboard bales. As the value of cardboard dropped, it eventually became less and less popular. In fact now, Lakeview Supermarket and Deli actually receives nothing for bales of cardboard, has to pay for bailing wire, and pays also for the labor to break down and bale all of the cardboard every week.

For over twenty years Lakeview Supermarket and Deli has been at the forefront of energy saving in refrigeration and lighting. Five years ago Lakeview improved energy efficiency by changing ballasts and lighting to conserve even more energy. Just recently Lakeview retrofitted most of the remaining overhead light fixtures to newer single bulb fixtures that use less than half the electricity of the older bulb and ballast combinations.

Lakeview’s outside perimeter lighting is mostly the newest low wattage energy efficient bulbs, but the best thing about the sign and perimeter lighting is that the lights are controlled by photo cells and only go on when it is dark outside!

Lakeview had special equipment in all of the compressor units and even in the lighting fixtures to reduce energy consumption. Lakeview was one of the very first grocery stores to put strip curtains in all refrigerated walk-ins and even out on the sales floor over 30 years ago!.

All of the soda pop coolers where put on timers to reduce operating time and lower energy use. Rather than running 24 hours everyday, the coolers now only run 8 hours and are off 16 hours everyday.

The entire roof system of Lakeview is coated with a space age elastomeric ceramic insulating coating that cuts air conditioning by about 90%. With the high emissivity of the coating and the 95% reflectivity of most of the electromagnetic spectrum, Lakeview only uses air conditioning a few days per year and then only for a couple of hours at a time, and still maintains a very comfortable shopping environment.

Lakeview Supermarket and Deli recycles all of the employee beverage containers and even hosts the Local Recycling Center each week in their parking lot to encourage locals to recycle as much as possible. In our full-service deli all of our cooking oil used is recycled to be used as biofuel.

We just recently evaluated the size of our meat wrap and found that we could use 15” and 18” over 80% of the time rather than the former 20” paper that we used for decades. This reduces the waste to the customer and likewise keeps costs down.

As a responsible member of our community we are doing everything we can to reduce waste, cut our energy consumption, and recycle whenever possible. We believe that everyone should work together in saving the valuable resources of our planet! And of course, saving energy saves money, and that helps us keep our prices down!

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