Fast Food and Supermarket Ground Beef may not be what you think! Are you “COOL” with eating Uruguayan or Australian Ground Beef? You are probably already eating it …

Like so many things in America, things often change without most of us knowing. There now exists a law or regulation called COOL, aka Country Of Origin Labeling. Back in 2016, the US Government agency in charge of COOL decided to change the rules on some beef from other countries. This was no doubt under pressure from supermarkets and fast food chains all over this country. When you buy an imported meat product generally you have the right to know where it came from and how it was raised, either farm or wild. This is still the case with most frozen fish, seafood and many other commodities.

Well, under pressure from special interest groups, this restriction was lifted; and now the burger you get from most supermarkets, fast food chains, at least some of the time, comes from way out of the US. Did you know that COSTCO was reported to have 100,000 cases of Uruguayan beef, in a frozen food warehouse in Sacramento? Well who cares? Here’s the scoop, the beef is grown without grain on South American grass and plants and costs pennies a pound to raise. It is shipped to the US and probably mixed with our abundant extra fat from USDA Premium steers (to give it more moisture and flavor) and sold to you in meat counters and fast food joints all over the country. It is cheap and abundant, but the stores sell it at near premium prices, making tons of money, just as if it were grown in America, inspected in America and raised by American farmers. Who knew?

I guess nobody thought you would care about eating Uruguayan, Argentinean or Australian beef? What just might be worse, is that you don’t even know if it were an old dairy cow, bull or a real steer. The truth is, most people probably do not even notice how bland and tasteless fast food burgers and supermarket ground beef really is, since most people have never had “great, freshly Ground American burger”. Lakeview meat customers come from all over because they can taste the difference in real, freshly ground premium steer beef burger.

If you are a person who loves great ground beef, Lakeview’s meat market makes it’s ground beef, meat loaf blend and sausage strictly from USDA Inspected Certified Premium American Beef and Pork, 100% of the time. You will always know you are getting real American Beef when you visit Lakeview. You might pay slightly more, but our 3 flavors of sausage, our meat loaf blend and our ground beef explode with rich flavor due to the freshness and superior quality. Truthfully, buying pre-ground beef chubs, patties and bulk burger grind, is a huge profit item for most meat markets; if you don’t worry about where it came from, or who inspected it, or even who ground it. That’s why everyone does it, except for Lakeview, who uses 100% “market grind”, 100% of the time.

In over 51 years our market has never used pre-ground chubs or imported beef in our awesome burger; that’s why it is so Awesome!!

Thought you might like to know… Kenny Parlet Lakeview Supermarket and Deli

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