Do You Love Fresh Fish and Seafood? If you Don’t Live on the Coast, Good Luck! Here’s the Story…

Lakeview Supermarket and Deli carries more premium meat items, specialty items, obscure and unique items, BUT does not carry FRESH seafood! Why is that? In over 5 decades in business we have tried hundreds of times to buy fresh cod, snapper and other fresh fish. Guess what! We have always been disappointed. We specialize in the pursuit of excellence in everything we sell, always buying the highest grade and best quality products for our clients.

Well, we in Lake county do not sit on the ocean’s shore. So this is what happens. Hard-working fisherman go out fishing, sometimes for days at a time. They catch fresh fish that comes on board. If they are out there on the high seas for another day, more fish come in. Eventually, they head for home. They get busy processing the fish and getting it ready for market. If you are right there, great! You get “real fresh” fish. Unfortunately most of us are not lounging on the beach in our favorite port waiting for the day’s catch. We are somewhere else, Like Lake County.

When the fisherman process the fish, soon after, they call an approved source to buy and distribute the fish for them. They get the order and the next day the truck comes over to pick it up. The truck goes back to the warehouse and puts the “fresh” fish in stock for sale to stores. (Now it is at least 2-3 days old) Then, the store places their order for the next day or maybe even 2-3 days later. Now the fish is at least 3-5 days old. If the truck arrives early, a store can sell 3-5 day old fish that day. Two days later, the store is now selling week-old fish that they just got delivered two days ago! Wow!

As you can see, by the time so-called “Fresh Fish” actually makes it to the Supermarket, it can be 3-5 days old already. This is why over the last 50 years we have almost always found that our “fresh” fish already smells fishy and old. That’s because it is fishy smelling, and up to 5 days old already. After a couple of more days the fish is a week old and getting worse by the minute.

This is exactly why Lakeview Supermarket and Deli sells only fresh caught, flash frozen fish. Take our Alaskan True Cod for example. It is caught wild off the coast of Iceland on a huge factory processing, fishing boat. The fisherman catch the fish, clean it, fillet it, and immediately freeze it in minutes. The fish is sealed air-tight, water-tight and when we seal it in vacuum bags for our clients, it is fresher than most fresh fish ever is… Unless you live in Fort Brag, or caught it yourself.

At Lakeview Market we carry a large variety of fresh, flash frozen fish and seafood that will rival 99% of all fresh fish you have ever eaten. We regularly carry the awesome Alaskan Cod, Halibut, Ahi Tuna, Alaskan Wild Caught Salmon, Wild Keta Salmon, Tilapia, Sea Scallops, Calamari, Lobster tails and an excellent Seafood Crab blend. We also carry 5-6 different sizes of cooked and uncooked cleaned and deveined shrimp. Oh yeah, we also carry fresh frozen alligator!

I love halibut, but it is crazy expensive. I highly recommend the Alaskan Cod, from Iceland. It is what we call “Fish for People who don’t like Fish”. Why, because it has no fish smell, no pesky little bones, is firm and best of all, totally delicious prepared almost anyway you like. You can bake it, fry it, batter and fry it, grill it, shake-n-bake it and even skewer it. It is just Totally awesome! It makes the best fish tacos ever. (Come in and get some and pick up our recipe for fish tacos and the special sauce!)

Thanks to the fisherman who prepare this fresh frozen fish, for those of us who don’t live on the beach! We love you!

Kenny Parlet Lakeview Supermarket and Deli Outstanding Independent Meat Retailer of the Year” 2018

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