Before you Buy a Quarter or Half of Beef, You Might Consider Instead Buying a Meat Pack!

99% of all meat customers now buy custom meat packs rather than a side of beef. Listen to hear why!

Ten to twenty years ago it was very common for families to buy a side or quarter of beef from a store or neighbor. Often, families even raised their own beef. There are a number of things to consider before you rush out and throw down several hundred dollars on someone’s steer.

First of all, in my experience, very few local farmers and ranchers do what is necessary to properly fatten up their steers. What this means to you, is that the beef you might be buying is too lean, tough, chewy and has much less flavor than the USDA Choice and Prime beef you would get at Lakeview Supermarket or other top meat markets.

Also, the proportion and quantities of what you get is probably nothing like what your eating habit s are. In other words, you might like good ground chuck, T-bones, rib-eyes, and fillets, but you will get mostly inexpensive cuts!

In fact, the average steer will be about 30% burger, 28% chucks, 28% rounds, rump, cube steak, short ribs and stew, while the good steaks make up less than 14% of your purchase.

Before buying a side of beef consider this. A side could cost you up to $1200 to purchase, and have cut and wrapped. This will give you about 275-325 pounds of take-home meat and bones. Of all of that here is what you get that is really tender and tasty

12-13 T-bones or Porterhouse
10-11 Rib-Eyes and or Rib Streaks
4-5 Fillet or Tenderloin Steaks
1 2-3lb Tri-tip
9-10 Top Sirloins
4-6 Chuck-eye steaks

Above is the 14% or so of pretty good stuff. The balance of the steer is made up of relatively inexpensive cuts that are marginal at best.

If you are a big fan of ground meat, that’s great because you will bet a bunch. If you like cube steak, you are also in luck. Likewise you better like stews, chuck roasts, rumps, and short ribs because you get a lot of that as well.

Listen in to hear more!

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