Quick, Easy & Inexpensive Chili Verde Recipe

Want a fast, simple and easy recipe ready in less than 15 minutes? Try this Chili Verde recipe!

15-Minute Recipe for Quick, Inexpensive & Easy Chili Verde!

This could be one of the all-time crowd-pleasers! And, chances are you will never find a meal that is faster and more economical than this one. If you have some big-eaters, this is the meal to prepare. Make a double batch since it is so inexpensive and the left-overs just might be even better!

This is all you need, and all you do! Set your watch and see if you can’t get this done in less than 15 minutes…

2-3lbs of small cubed ( ½”-3/4”) boneless Pork Shoulder Roast, Pork Steaks, or Pork Country Ribs. Left-over Roast Pork works great too!
1-Can of Your Favorite Green Enchilada Sauce
1-16 oz Jar Herdez or Embasa Brand Salsa Verde (or 2- 7 oz cans)
1-8oz Package Shredded Mozzarella
Season and brown your pork with seasoned salt and pepper and drain most of the liquid (This should take only about 5minutes)

Add in enchilada sauce and salsa verde and heat through (about 2-3 minutes) Then melt the shredded mozzarella into the green sauce.

Serve with warm flour tortilla, alongside refried beans, shredded lettuce and a little sour cream topping. That’s it!

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