Cooks & Grillers Guide to Better Meats & Meals

This comprehensive guide to choosing and cooking meat covers beef, pork and chicken from ground beef to prime rib and everything in between. Full of expert tips that will benefit you whether you are a beginner or a barbecue master.


Extra Lean Ground Chuck-Always ground fresh entirely at Lakeview market, only from the finest chuck, and has just the right amount of lean, and a perfect balance of fat for the best flavor. (Usually 82 to 85% lean) The ground chuck is put through the grinder once, and the grinder head is removed. The grinder plate and cutting knife are cleaned and all small bone pieces and bits of gristle are removed. After thorough mixing of the lean and the marbled meats, the second grind creates the characteristic red “spaghetti look” of the burger as it comes through the grinder plate. Since our ground chuck is made strictly from fresh “chuck roll” you can be assured that our ground meats are the safest in the industry. We never use old meat or “preground” chubs…

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