BARF diet available for your dog at Lakeview! The Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet (BARF diet) is heavily supported by Lakeview’s meat department…

Just like humans, dogs have been fed a horrible diet of grains, sugars, disgusting meat by-products and so on for the last 50 or more years. Recently, go figure, pet owners and vets all over the country realized that dogs (and humans) were not meant to eat cereal and sugar in their diet! Dogs thrive on Uncooked raw meats, including bones, gristle, organ meats and cartilage.

Over the last several years Lakeview has increased the raw food options for your dogs. We now sell cases of Turkey necks, along with chicken leg-quarters, pork and beef liver, beef hearts, and pork neck bones. The cost of these options are very low, most are less than $2 per pound.

And in case you are wondering, dogs can eat chicken bones, turkey and beef bones all day long, so long as they are raw. Once cooked most bones become brittle and splinter causing dogs and their owners serious grief. Realize that dogs lived for thousands of years eating raw foods, like birds, rabbits, squirrels, gophers and wildlife of every sort. No one ever cooked a bone or a steak for their dogs until the last couple hundred years. Just like animals throughout Africa and the world, dogs eat raw food and thrive. Purina and other companies would have you believe that dogs like cereal better than meat, but don’t you believe it! Think about it, when was the last time you saw a band of wild dogs having a bowl of cereal and cooking their meat over a campfire…

Lastly, unlike most Supermarkets, Lakeview carries femur bones, knuckle bones, and center cut pipe bones that are cut to order every day. Pick up some today, and give them to your dog raw, uncooked, the way nature intended.

Lakeview does also carry a complete line of Evanger’s all meat and grain free pet foods in cans and bags. With 100% Pork, Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Salmon, even duck in cans with nothing but meat; and another line of pure organic pet food for cats and dogs. Check it out!

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