Monthly Meat Experience

Since 1970 Lakeview Supermarket has had the highest and best quality meats, serving USDA Prime and Certified Premium Choice beef while giving the ultimate in customer service.

In addition to cooking instructions, grilling tips, recipes, and professional advice on the right cuts, our meat consultants package everything exactly to your needs! Every package is neatly labeled and wrapped in freezer paper in just the right size for you and your family.

Among real meat lovers and fine beef aficionados Lakeview Market is the undisputed champion.

Our meat counter is stacked, packed, and impeccably arranged with beautiful examples of every cut, marbled and trimmed to perfection. Thick cuts and extra thick cuts are always available in both beef and pork selections. Tray after tray of Ground chuck, sausage, bacon and meat loaf go out everyday, insuring fastidious freshness.

Unfortunately not everyone can get to Lucerne on a daily basis. For this reason Lakeview began putting together freezer packs for their customers in and out of town. The freezer packs contain a variety of great meats including beef, pork, chicken, bacon, old fashion franks, and specialties.

Our Freezer packs range in size from $55 to $349.95. We have 14 different sizes, and also have add-on booster packs to further add to the value.

A booster pack is a small add-on pack costing between $15 and $25 that gives the client an additional 20% savings. Even with the compelling quality and value of the Lakeview Freezer packs, some people were just too busy to make it over to the Northshore. Many clients just cannot find time in their busy schedule to drive to Lucerne and back every month, hence:

The Lakeview Market Monthly Meat Experience

The Lakeview Market Monthly meat experience is a program designed to deliver for free, the highest and best quality meats to residents in Lakeport and Kelseyville, Cobb Mountain and Clearlake.

To be sure, the logistics will be difficult; however the plan is to get the orders in by Thursday of the second week of the month and deliver the following week.

We need to get the orders early so that the meat packs will be frozen sufficiently to allow for safe transport and delivery, while maintaining the utmost in quality. Of course fresh holiday turkeys, hams, prime ribs and other items will be delivered “fresh”. For the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays we will adjust or make additional deliveries to insure you get your holiday meats just in time for your special occasions!

By Enrolling, you will get free delivery of your own personalized meat order each month. We will call you each month, or you can call us. We will take your order only if you need one. We will ask if you need any booster packs or additional items added to your order. Then we will put your pack together to your exact instructions. We will pack your order into custom fit boxes and include a customer satisfaction sheet in every pack. (Should you ever have any concerns, questions, or problems whatsoever the sheet has our number in bold print. Call us and we will immediately take care of it!) We will then load your order quickly into our deep freeze for the next few days. We plan to deliver to your home between 5:30pm and 8:30pm in the evening sometime Mid-Week.

The following month, on the second Thursday we will contact you and again go over the entire meat pack, item by item. If a holiday is approaching we will call you and make arrangements for any and all of your special needs from turkeys, hams, lambs to prime ribs and everything else too! Your holiday worries are over and you will get exactly what you want, in just the right size and delivered right to your door.

We also hope you will refer friends and neighbors to participate in our Lakeview Monthly Meat Experience! We offer cash rewards and gifts for referrals. We also hope to make payment easy by accepting your personal check, EBT cards or any major credit card.

Here’s the process in a nutshell:

  • Enroll by filling out the form completely including all phone and cell numbers
  • Give us clear and concise directions to your home
  • Let us know the best time to call and best contact phone number to call
  • Usually on the Second Thursday of the month we will call you and take your order.  (Clearlake clients get called on, or near the 1st)
  • Order only what you want, and only if you need to order, there is no obligation.
  • We will then prepare your order including, any extras & specialties
  • Usually we deliver midweek between 3:30 p.m. and 8:45 p.m.
  • We can take payment by check, EBT card, or any major credit card.

That’s it! Simple, easy and worry free! We call you, advise you, take your order, including all holiday and special needs, package, box & deliver everything right to your door! You save money, time and best of all, you will be eating better and healthier!

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