Premium Steaks hit all time high prices!

Brace yourself for sticker shock. Rib-eyes, New Yorks, Prime ribs, and Porterhouse steaks have never been higher. We are currently offering our premium meat packs, but the bad news is you will be paying much higher prices for these great packs. Rib Eye steaks have broke the $20lb barrier in many great meat markets due to shortages of labor and truck drivers. We believe that this is just temporary until workers get off the couch and go back to work. Never in the grocery industry has there been such a shortage of workers. With unemployment benefits so high, workers across the nation are choosing to stay home drawing checks.

The consequences for these actions are that lumber prices, PVC pipe, fuel, and even meat prices are going up dramatically. Also, with restaurants opening up to some degree, the demand for premium steaks has gone up. With this increase in demand the prices naturally go up.

We hope that this temporary increase in the price of the steaks you love most will not last long. The good news is that you still save a ton of money by purchasing the premium meat packs over counter prices. The Cadillac meat pack, for example is worth over $529 dollars and is available for just $449.95 (you save almost $80). The Lexus pack is worth over $370, and is priced at just $329.95.

We are sorry that people are not working, and that they are causing prices to rise in every category you purchase. Hopefully, this situation will end soon; however the government has just extended unemployment benefits another 26 weeks. So this problem could exist through the summer. Jobs are everywhere, and employers are screaming for workers, but it seems that people make almost as much money sitting home as they do working. Blame those people for these high prices, not your local lumber yard, or grocery store.

Things are getting better, but not as quickly as they should. People need to get back to work to solve this ridiculous situation

Kenny Parlet

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