For those who do not know about Prop 12, the Pig Pen law as I call it, went into effect on July 1st. The morons in your state legislature have nothing better to do but come up with more stupid laws, rather than deal with homelessness, crime, recycling issues, and runaway inflation. They put forth an initiative to enlarge the size of pig pens so they could be more free to move around. And, if a another state does not abide by this California law, they cannot sell to CA consumers. California compliant pork represents only about 25% of what the state consumes; meaning that the state has 75% less pork than it normally consumes. So, there is a huge pork shortage, except that if a supplier bought the pork prior to July 1st, they could still sell it! Consequently, many big wholesale meat suppliers stuffed their freezers with pork during June.

The current situation is that many stores are selling pork that was frozen and at lower pre-Prop 12 prices and will have some for a number of weeks. Other Supermarkets and stores went immediately to prop12 compliant pork and the prices are STUPID high. On July 20th, Two Safeway stores were selling Boneless Pork Chops, and Pork Steaks both over $12 per pound. Personally. I would not have believed it had I not seen photos of the price tags from Susanville and Fort Bragg. Regardless of Prop12, that is a flat out ridiculous mark up of 300% or more. Last week Lakeview Sold boneless Pork Chops for $3.99 and Pork Steaks for 4.99lb. Now they are $5.99, less than half of Safeway’s prices.

It is possible since Safeway does not grind its waste they need extra margin, but come on. Safeway pork buyers are getting hosed, big time.

Our meat packs reflect the new compliant pork increases, and perhaps as other states enlarge the pig pens more supply will come on line, dropping prices, at least at Lakeview!

Some good news! Since most of you out there have been cutting back on meat purchases, beef sales are down quite a bit. Suppliers and packers are stuck with product and it looks like rather than going up further, prices are easing.

The bad news is that almost 99% of you out there are not getting the 65-70 grams of protein you need and are compromising your health and that of your family. You will never the protein you need from salad and veggies, without protein supplements (which cost more than real meat). Beans and legumes are rife with plant lectins which literally poison your body. So the long and short of it is, get a meat pack, get back to the most concentrated sources of protein like eggs, (about $3 per pound), chicken (which is still really cheap) and great ground beef and quality low-cost cuts of Prime beef like Cross Rib steaks that are still only $9.99lb or about $6 for your daily protein needs.

Note: when your body does not get the protein it needs in the diet, it will literally steal it from your lean muscle mass. That muscle is what makes you look like the man or woman you are! Your organs, like your heart, will get the protein it needs one way or the other! Serve your body the 65-70 grams of protein it needs or look forward to your biceps, tri-ceps, quads , pecks etc. all withering, while the fat hangs around. Sound bad?

Dollar for dollar, meat is still the best bang for your family’s protein supply. A good start is to stay away from frozen dinners where the protein is in seriously short supply. One good cross rib steak about 9 oz. has more protein than 3 Hungry Man TV dinners at 1/3 the price. Frozen burritos are cheap enough, but you need to eat the whole package of 8, hope you’re hungry.

Call and order your customized meat pack today, and insure that you are getting the best value for your purchasing dollar for healthy protein. The bad news is, you will need to cook! The good news is that, as always, Lakeview has the highest and best USDA Prime beef, awesome pork, all natural chicken and a fabulous variety of specialty items at consumer friendly prices, offering the absolute best VALUE. We think that is what matters most, the best Quality available at a fair price, delivering the best results possible!

Kenny Parlet Lakeview Supermarket and Deli

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