Price for Prime Rib Roast will break all records! (Wholesale price already ridiculous!)

Start saving now if you are serious about a “real” Prime Rib roast for Christmas! Even before December hit, the price for “Export Ribs” for making your Holiday Prime Rib Roast, is already nearing $12 per pound (Wholesale)! This of course, is for a real quality “Prime Rib”. Retail prices will be astronomical before Christmas, in the range of $14 to $18 or more at high-end, city stores. Wow!

There are a few things you should know before you buy one of these pricy delicacies. In most stores you will probably find a “Standing Rib Roast” that is cut from the same piece of meat but is of much lower quality. These inferior roasts could be as low as $8 per pound. But even at that low price they are not worth the money. These will come from USDA Select or Low-Choice quality beef. You will wait hours cooking it, just to find the meat is too lean, too tough, has little flavor and will be a serious disappointment, while still costing a pretty penny!

A real “Prime Rib” is cut from the highest USDA quality beef, either “Certified Premium” or “Prime”. If you are not paying at least $12 per pound, (which is current Wholesale) you might want to opt out! By the way, don’t be fooled by “Angus” on the label. Angus is a breed of cattle and not necessarily a USDA top Grade. There is plenty of lousy Angus beef on the market that comes under the USDA Select label. (Please, never buy that Select meat, Angus or not!)

The other bad news is that the actual selling price of a Custom Prime Rib Roast will be probably going even higher yet! And, the whole untrimmed roast has about 10% to 20% waste in excess fat and bone. This is trimmed off, driving the price even higher. When you buy a gigantic Prime Rib in a bag from a huge discounter, they will sell you the whole 20lb roast, or generally saw off a Chunk, both usually have a tone of waste. Watch out for that. If you save $2 a pound and get a ton of waste, you will paying much more than a Custom trimmed, seasoned and tied roast from Lakeview!

Also, big box stores never age their beef, it could have only 2 to 7 days age, which seriously effects the flavor and tenderness. They get it in, get it out, make a little money and on to the next customer.

Look to see prices near Christmas approach $15 to $18 or more, for top quality Prime Rib Roasts. The reason for this is simply that the cost is $12 or so, minus 20% fat and bone, making the finished roast weigh less, making the price per pound now…$14 to $15, and that is just cost! So you can see the prices could go all bad when a store would like to make a little profit! ( add another $2-$3)

At Lakeview we cut you exactly how much you need, cut back the bone, season under the bone and the entire roast, and tie the bone back on! Additionally, we give you complete cooking instructions, along with the recommended size and finished temperatures. Our process is simply fool-proof, and you will be absolutely delighted on Christmas day, and so will all of your guests!

All of our roasts are the highest quality and usually aged several weeks in the sealed bag to insure the best possible results. We season your roast with no MSG, a medium grind Cafe pepper and Lawry’s Seasoned salt, unless you have a different preference. You can also have your roast as is, or with bone cut back to do your own seasoning.

You will need about an inch, or one pound on average to insure some leftovers. So be prepared to fork out about $14 to $16 per person if you are serious about your Christmas dinner. For example 6 people, that’s $90-$95, 12 people, that’s $180-$195, with 20 people you will be looking at around $300 or more. Be prepared for sticker shock this year for sure! Small families will still get away for well under $75 bucks in most cases…

If that sounds like too much, we have awesome USDA “Prime” Cross Rib Roasts that you will absolutely love for under $7 per pound. In fact, if you can’t afford a top quality Prime Rib, you will be much happier with our Prime Cross Rib rather than a bargain standing rib. A Whole Prime Cross Rib looks like a football and weighs anywhere from 5 to 9lbs. It is a beautiful roast, mostly lean meat, but with fine marbling throughout. There is no waste and the shape allows for different doneness in the middle and ends, from medium to rare, all in one roast. This is truly a crowd-pleaser!

Any Questions? Give us a call any time from 8-8 everyday and we will give you any details or suggestions you might need!

Kenny Parlet

Lakeview Supermarket and Deli

PS If you still want a Lakeview Supermarket Prime Rib, book early to lock in best price!

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