Meat Shortage getting better, and so are Meat Pack Prices! Most of Lakeview Supermarket Meat packs are back!

After months of shortages of beef, pork and chicken products, and some ridiculous prices; supplies are now pretty good. Premium steaks like New Yorks, Rib-Eyes, T-Bones, Porterhouse, and even Tri-Tips are still in short supply and the prices on these items are still very high!

The good news is that most everything else has come way down, allowing us to lower the most recent meat pack prices. The current prices are only slightly higher than before the meat shortage and the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are offering 12 of our 14 meat packs with the Lexus and Cadillac Luxury packs still on hold. The current prices on meat packs are as follows:

Try Me Sampler now just $65 (was $69.95)

Super Sampler now just $89.95 (was $99.95)

The Custom and Barbecue Broil meat packs that were $99.95, $129.95, $159.95, $199.95, and $279.95, have all dropped $10 per pack making them $89.95, $119.95, $149.95, $189.95, $269.95

The $399.95, 92lb pack went back down $30 and is now $369.95

The Premium Steak Starter that was $179.95 also dropped $30 and is now only $149.95

Prices on most pork and chicken products are almost down to previous levels. Many economy beef cuts are down considerably as is our great Ground Chuck. So, with the exception of premium high-dollar steaks, most meats are almost back to normal. Premium steaks along with Tri-tips will be dropping, but not much for a couple more weeks.

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