Meat Packs still available, but much higher in some cases. Still, great values, and the Best Quality Anywhere!

Due to recent legislation and a beef shortage meat prices are rising rather dramatically. After over 2 1/2 years without moving, meat prices are finally going up, and quite a bit!

Prop 12, an animal kindness move for pigs, demanded that Pig pens be expanded an additional 16 square feet to allow for more movement. Unfortunately, California voters also demanded that all states comply, or… we cannot buy from them. So, we are compelled to buy only from Pork Compliant suppliers that have the expanded pig pens. Sound ridiculous! Well, pork prices have already doubled and Californians will pay billions more for pork annually due to this accommodations for this food product. This comes at a time when most people are already struggling financially.

While we, in California are battling crime, homelessness and economic hardship, our legislators seem to be oblivious to the tough times we face and are, once again, ignorant of the unintended consequences of their ridiculous new laws!

Meanwhile back at the meat counter, quality has never been higher and our variety has never been better. Whether you want a money-saving meat pack or some great steaks, chops or specialty items, we are still going strong to give you the highest and best USDA Prime beef and great pork, chicken and seafood. Come visit today, and stock up, gas is not cheap either!

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