Meat Packs drop in price again! Prices down from $10 to $30.

Although meat prices have dropped some, this week had some startling huge jumps for Beef Chucks. It does not appear that meat packs will drop any further in the near term. Chicken, pork and now beef chucks will insure that meat packs will not go down anytime soon. Bacon is crazy high and will be going even higher due to new legislation on the size of pig pens. California voters never cease to amaze me at their incompetence at the polls. We may see bacon in the $10 range after December, with chops, and pork steaks seeing serious increases as well.

Pork has always been an economical way to feed a family on a budget. Those days may be over soon.

At least in the short term you will see that the 99.95, 139.95, $179.95, $229.95, and the 329.95 meat packs all went down ten bucks. The 92lb super meat pack went from $499.95 down to $469.95, and the Cadillac Pack dropped $50 to just $499.95, and the Lexus pack dropped to just $349.95.

We at Lakeview are doing are best to keep the meat packs affordable without ever compromising on the quality that our customers demand.

Kenny Parlet

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