Lakeview Meat Packs Drop in price, as Meat prices start to ease! Some packs down as much as $50.00 Check our new lower prices. Premium Steaks down as much as $5 per pound!

Finally, after months of short supplies and a serious lack of workers, meat prices are starting to drop. Some items have dropped dramatically; rib eyes and rib steaks formerly in the $24-$28 range are finally back under $22, with Rib steaks, T-Bones, New Yorks and Porterhouse steaks well under $20. With these lower prices on premium steaks our Premium Meat packs have dropped $20 to $50. Our economy packs have almost all dropped at least $10 or more, with our largest pack down $50. Tri-Tips. Flat Irons, Fillets, baby back pork ribs and Skirt Steaks have not moved yet.

Pork prices that had more than doubled and are also starting to drop a bit, but are far from normal. Nevertheless, we have moved forward with dropping our meat packs as much as possible. Pork Spareribs, chops, pork steaks and boneless chops are near, or under $4. The only meat pack that did not go down, is our $79.95 sampler; however our Super Sampler dropped $10 to just $99.95

The price drop is no doubt due to customer resistance to the high meat prices; and labor shortages are still killing inventory levels. But with customers not buying most items, the inventory is going up despite the lack of production, and dropping many prices. Grocery items, especially the beverage sector, are having massive shortages up to 50% in some cases. Don’t be surprised if you can’t find your favorite tea, soda or beer in the pack or size you like.

The temporary inflation we are now seeing will not last too long. When most of the work force finds their way off the couch and back to work, many of the high prices we are seeing will return to a somewhat normal level. If you are one of the working stiffs, going in everyday; thank you! If you are still milking the unemployment cow without good reason; please go back to work. America needs you! We are all paying for this artificial inflation brought about by a vast labor shortage in every sector.

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