All Lakeview Meat Packs are Back! Most packs went up, and then back down a little. Even at the new prices, meat packs still offer you the best value!

With the meat shortage nearly over Lakeview Supermarket has brought back all of our 14 meat packs in the 10 different sizes. The bad news is that all meat packs are slightly higher than before. With an increase of $10-$20 on most packs, the value and quality still remain!

The biggest increases are in the Premium quality packs. The availability of high-end steaks like Rib-Eyes, Porterhouse, New Yorks, Rib Steaks is still inconsistent, leading to higher than normal prices on the USDA Certified Angus and Prime beef.

At Lakeview we have lowered prices on different items every week, but for a while it looks like prices are stabilizing at a higher than normal level for top quality steaks.

The good news is that pork, chicken and many beef items including ground beef are all back to normal.

Remember this, almost all prices are subject to supply and demand. So when the supply is good prices are lower. Often times the supply is good because nobody is buying that commodity. For example, London Broil is seemingly on sale everywhere, everyday. Why? Because most people know that London Broil is just glorified round steak, which is tough, chewy and horrible when over cooked. So supplies grow, and retailers need to get rid of it. So beware, when you see a great sale, it just could be that nobody wants that cheap cut or that low-grade of beef!

The only way to really save is to buy in bulk, like a Lakeview meat pack. We hope to see you soon to help customize your money-saving meat pack.

Kenny Parlet Your local butcher with over 50-years experience

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